My wife and I own a home that was been built in the 70's. It was woefully under insulated and had single-pane double hung windows with aluminum storms. Not only did these windows date the house but the aluminum frames actually transmitted the cold inward towards our living space. With rising heating costs we decided we had to do something.

The first step we took was to add fiberglass insulation in the attic. In this part of the country at least 12 inches of fiberglass is recommended. More is better so long as proper ventilation is maintained.

The next step was to replace our windows and storms. I installed 'Earthwise', Energy Star compliant, Low-E, vinyl replacement windows with grids between the glass. While expecting increased efficiency we reaped additional benefits. These new windows gave our home an up-to-date, newer look. We also experienced a dramatic reduction in noise from outside.

Next we replaced our main entrance with a Therma-Tru insulated door with sidelights. Our old one used to build frost along the bottom sweep on extremely cold nights. What a difference.

The final step we took was to install foam insulation over the outside wall under new vinyl siding. The home is 2 x 4 construction and had only 3 1/2 inches of insulation between the walls. Today's recommendation is minimum of 5 1/2 inches.

The end result has proved outstanding. Our goal has been reached. In the process our home took on a completely new look. To see it view our 'Projects' page and click on windows and siding. Prior to this project our home felt chilly on sub-zero nights as the cold penetrated the walls and windows. Now it's completely different!

As a company owner, I think it's important to note that I not only sell and install 'Earthwise' replacement windows, I installed them in my own home!

Timothy Tremblay